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Vampire Academy Teaser Trailer

Okay!  So the first trailer for the Vampire Academy movie just came out! I know most of you have already seen it! This trailer was more than I expected it to be! There were some exciting and shocking glimpses of scenes they showed. For instance, the writing on the wall and Headmistress Kirova crawling on the desk? O_o Like seriously? Whats going on here?? I still have no doubt that this movie is going to be good. I’m just really curious about those scenes. Oh! And at the end of the trailer when Rose has a stake in her hand? Uh, if I remember correctly…Rose doesn’t kill any Strigoi in the first book, so I am a bit nervous about that scene as well. It almost seem like that scene had the same background as the scene when Natalie backslaps Rose  into the wall, so does this mean Rose kills Natalie? I don’t know…maybe I am overthinking it. Or maybe while Rose is unconscious, she has a dream of killing Natalie herself. What did you guys think? Will it live up to the book’s awesomeness? Will it downgrade the series? What are ya’ll thoughts? 🙂

If you haven’t seen the video, watch below. Or if you want to watch it again for the 100th time, Enjoy!

Video did not pop up? click here.


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