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Embassy (Recovery Cycle #1) by S. Alex Martin

Embassy CoverTITLE: Embassy
AUTHOR: S. Alex Martin
PUBLISHER: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2014
PAPERBACK: 400 pages
GENRE: Contemporary, Science-Fiction
SOURCE: For Review

SYNOPSIS: When Arman Lance fell in love with Ladia Purnell, he made it his life’s goal to find her after she left his planet. But amid tragedy and his obsession for Ladia, Arman struggles to fight the mental isolation he has built around him. He sees joining the galaxy’s Embassy Program only as one step on his journey to Ladia, nothing more.

Now Arman explores the Embassy, flies a Molter, and competes in the fast-action Hologis tournament. At last, Arman embarks on the expedition that will take him across the stars to Ladia, but the journey might change him ways he would have never dared to imagine.

(Source: Goodreads)

4.7 stars

4.6 stars


I personally do not find sci-fi books interesting, but Embassy actually caught my attention. I would read it one day and pick it up a few days later and still be interested in it.

Embassy is a unique, life lesson novel that will have readers thinking about how they live their own lives each and every day.

Self-Discovery, Life, and Forgiveness


It’s the 44th century and Arman Lance is living on a planet called Undil. His father is an ambassador traveling to other planets. When another ambassador comes back with Arman’s father, Arman gets introduced to his daughter Ladia. Arman and Ladia fall in love during the summer and when she leaves to go back to her planet Belvun, Arman is devastated. He makes it his life mission to go to Belvun and reunite with Ladia, his one true love. But as he barks on the journey to Belvun, Arman faces obstacles he never thought he would have to overcome.

Arman→ Okay first, I was sympathetic towards Arman, then annoyed, and now I think he is a pretty cool guy… and he doesn’t even know what a great person he can be! Arman was a jerk at the beginning of the book! There was negativity all around him and that made others stay away from him. Arman would put himself down and not live up to his full potential; just so he could stay in his comfort zone. But afterwards, he began to grow on me and I had respect for him.

The characters actually seem like real people. They had their own and unique personalities. It was fun and exciting to see how they were all different in their own ways.

The setting took place in outer space. Earth has been destroyed and now the human race is continuing on other planets.

Alex Martin has come up with his own planetary names such as, Belvun and Undil. Embassy is divided into three parts: The Recruits, The Void, and The Story.

I love the Hologis game Martin created for the characters to play. If you know what the movie The Purge and The Hunger Games is about, the Hologis game was like a combination of them both! This was one of my favorite scenes! The scenery was written perfectly and I felt like I was actually in the audience myself anxious to see who would be the last man or woman standing!

I love the characters and creativity this book has. Embassy stands out from the rest of the YA Contemporary and Sci-Fi novels. Usually my favorite character is the main character, but this time..its an old man! Ha! Can you believe it? His name is Captain Blitner.

Although, the beginning was slow and I wish there was more description of the characters’ appearances, Embassy teaches how life is precious and to not dwell or waste any opportunity that comes your way.

Lesson Learned? Live life to the fullest and don’t let your past hold you back.

**Recommended: for Sci-Fi fans and non-Sci-Fi fans 

Book Cover: .5
Character Development/Plot: 2.7 out of 3
Interest: .6 out of 1
Imagery: .8 out of 1
Total: 4.6 stars


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