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Behind Locked Doors (Devils Grace #1) by C.A. Wittchen

Behind Locked Doors (Devil's Grace #1)TITLE: Behind Locked Doors (Devils Grace #1)
AUTHOR: C.A. Wittchen
PUBLISHER: Createspace
RELEASE DATE: January 7, 2014
EBOOK: 497 pages
GENRE: Urban Fantasy
SOURCE: For Review

With the memory of a hallway taken by fire and a closed door at its end, seventeen year old Tempest Laurier unwittingly discovers that danger reaches close to home when she decides to search for her birth father, bringing more than demons out of the shadows. Finding herself caught in the middle of a conflict among two worlds of the Species, the faeries and demons, this sets her on a crumbling road of physical and psychological pain, along with loses as relationships are tried and truths are discovered. And the one thing Tempest never saw coming is an ugly secret straight into the heart of what should be her normal human life.
(Source: Goodreads)

(4.0 stars)

(4.0 stars)


Wow. I haven’t written a review in forever. My college classes have been keeping me busy and I haven’t found the time to read, which sucks! I’ve been itiching to just grab books, read books, buy books, stroke books, and admire books….ahh i just love books! and for school to get in the way? Ugh. So not cool.

I can’t wait for the summer to begin so I can cuddle up with a million of books!


Behind Locked Doors was a pretty good book, but it was slow and didn’t get interesting until chapter 10 out of 34. Then it peaked my interest even more at the very end starting at chapter 32.

Life changes, Truth, Love, Decison-making

Behind Locked Doors is about a teenage girl named Tempest who feels like she doesnt belong in the world. It probably has to do with the fact that she can see things that other people can’t. She can see a world full of fairies and demons, and other mythical creatures. When strange events begin to occur in her life and the people around her start to act funny, Tempest ends up finding herself in multiple amounts of trouble.

Tempest→ Tempest is always in her own little world. She loves danger…she seeks danger and she’s adventrous. I actually don’t like Tempest. She’s anoying and dazes off sometimes. Like seriously? Pay attention girl. One minute Tempest would be upset at someone and the next time she saw them, she would be fine. It was weird.

Declan→ Declan is cool. I like him except for one thing: He calls Tempest “my pet”…and to me, that is very distrubing.

Behind Locked Doors is set in third point of view in Tempest, Dumanzi, and Kione thoughts. I like reading Dumanzi’s point of view. The side characters were actually my favorite characters; especially Jacqueline, Remy, and Rave. They had distinct personalities and they were fun to read about.


Behind Locked Doors took place in Californa.

Metaphors and similes were good. The detail of scenery and character description was good and easy to picture. I love the description of one scene when Tempest was on the beach. It was descriptiive and I could picture it perfectly.


Some scenes were exciting and some were’nt. There were plenty of action-pack scenes, but since it was slow, it didn’t hold my attention for long sometimes. It felt more like an informative novel preparing you for the next installment where events will be bigger and better.

Behind Locked Doors is different, new, and fresh. Although, the main character is annoying, I am still looking forward to the next installment.

Lesson Learned? Make your own decisions. You do have a choice.


Book Cover: .5
Character Development/Plot: 2.3 out of 3
Interest: .5 out of 1
Imagery: .7 out of 1
Total: 4.0 stas

What is your favorite supernatural creature?


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