Heather Beck / Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

Frostbitten by Heather Beck

FrostbittenTITLE: Frostbitten
AUTHOR: Heather Beck
PUBLISHER: Enchanted Publishing
RELEASE DATE: 23 June 2014
EBOOK: 226 pages
GENRE: Urban Fantasy
SOURCE: For Review

Great beauty hides dark secrets…

Seventeen-year-old Anastasia Lockhart has never led an easy life, but when she starts getting into serious trouble, she’s sent to live with her grandparents in Cedar Falls. The small, picturesque town hasn’t changed since she visited four years ago, with one exception – the presence of a handsome, mysterious boy named Frost. Despite warnings from her grandparents and friends to stay away from Frost, Anastasia can’t deny their attraction, and the more time they spend together, the deeper in love they fall. Unfortunately, Frost has a secret that is beyond Anastasia’s wildest imagination, and she soon finds herself in the midst of a supernatural legend that has haunted Cedar Falls for years.

Can Anastasia and Frost’s love really overcome anything, or are their fates much darker?
(Source: Goodreads)

5+ starsREVIEW:

Gosh, I didn’t want to put this book down. It was a bit slow at the beginning but that was okay. Once Anastasia started school, things got interesting and I was loving it. 🙂

Lies, Deceit, Family, Love, Friendship, Hope

When Anastasia’s mom forces her to move to Cedar Falls with her grandparents due to her wild behavior, Anastasia feels abandoned. Her mom is never around and now her mom is getting rid of her.

When Anastasia moves to Cedar Falls, she realizes she doesn’t know the town as well as she thinks she does. Being seventeen years old, she notices things she never once had before when she was little kid. The town is more mysterious than she thought it could ever be. But not as mysterious as the alluring, outsider, Frost. They have an unbreakable connection when they first meet and no matter what everyone else say, Anastasia refuses to stay away from him. As more crazy events begin to happen in Cedar Falls and with Frost becoming more mysterious by the minute, Anastasia discovers the most shocking secrets that she never knew existed.

Anastasia→ I love this character. I’m glad she wasn’t that much of a damsel in distress!

Frost→ I like this guy. He had that mysterious thing goin’ on, yet he acted shy! He was different from some of the YA boyfriends I have and I like him. 🙂 Something new and fresh.

Kate→ Kate.is.a.”beach”.

Marissa→ She’s a great friend but she has got to stop being so insecure. She has a low self-esteem and lets Kate walk all over her. Poor, girl. She’s too sweet to let people walk all over her.

Mr. Lockhart aka Grandpa→ Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, *smh* He is so protective like a father. It’s so realistic. He will do whatever it takes to protect his family. ❤

I love the relationship between Anastasia’s grandparents. They are so different from one another and make such a cute couple!

Third point of view set in a small town called Cedar Falls.  I’m assuming Cedar Falls is located in Canada since Anastasia moved from Toronto, Canada and took a train to Cedar Falls.

Frostbitten is filled with high school drama, rumors, and cliques.

Heather Beck did a great job writing this novel! Its as simple as that. She always left me in suspense throughout the entire book, including the ending. There are many questions left to be answered and I really hope she writes sequel.

I wish their were more romantic scenes, but I also like how the book got straight to the point and didn’t have unneccessary scenes.

Heather Beck had me craving for more of Cedar Falls. And not just more of the romance between Anatasia and Frost (I love their names, by the way), but about all the characters and the town. It was so unique and different. I could picture all the scenes perfectly. I love how it had its typical high school cliques and cliches…there are other stuff I can’t share but woo, yes, this was a good book. It played with my emotions. Gosh, I was getting so mad at Kate and I love how Anatasia wasn’t so stupid throughtout the book like some main female characters. She only made one stupid mistake that had me shaking my head. But other than that, she was a tough cookie and I like that about her.


Overall, I’ll give this book five stars. And I will be anxiously waiting for the next installment; *clears throat* get to writing Ms. Beck 😉

Lesson Learned? Pain is only temporary; Friendship and love can go a long way


Book Cover: .5
Character Development/Plot: 3 out of 3
Interest: 1 out of 1
Imagery: 1 out of 1
Total: 5+ stars


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