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It’s December!

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You know what I just realized? It December and that means Tis the Year: Who Made the List? is back for another year! Tis the Year: Who made the List? is a meme I created where I go back and review all of the books I have read that year. I will pick my favorite author, male character, female character, and book that I enjoyed reading that year.

This helps me look back and reminisce on all the good books I read throughout the year. It also helps me be able to recommend more awesome books to you guys! I know I have been MIA from my blog for a few weeks. This semester has been crazy with school. I just finished this semester Wednesday (Dec. 10th) and I am sooo happy it’s over. I can finally catch up on my reading and so much more.

I will be posting a book review soon. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon. I hope you guys have an amazing end of the year and I will talk to you guys later. 🙂

Click the links below to see my post on Tis the Year from 2013.



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