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Sober Faith (Payton Skky, #2) by Stephanie Perry Moore

sober faith TITLE: Sober Faith
AUTHOR: Stephanie Perry Moore
PUBLISHER: Lift Every Voice
RELEASE DATE: 1 July 2000
PAPERBACK:144 pages
GENRE: Contemporary Chrisitan Fiction
PRECEDED BY: Staying Pure

SYNOPSIS:Payton Skky and her girlfriends are in their senior year at their Georgia high school and loving every minute of it. But the rest of Payton’s crew has strayed from God and continues to make bad decisions. While chasing after a good time, her friends begin experimenting with alcohol, drugs, and sexual sin. How can Payton help her girls turn toward God and away from those sins? Can she resist her own impulses to try things she knows are against God’s will? See if Payton discovers how to show her friends that true faith is sober faith.
(Source: Goodreads)


Answer these questions in every review: What makes this book different from all others? And why should anyone care?


  • Alcoholism
  • Friendship
  • Being judgmental
  • Faith


PaytonI could tell Payton was trying to change her ways and be a better Christian in this second installment. But in the process, she began judging her best friends because of their actions; just because they weren’t on the same level as her spiritually. I found this realistic. Payton is a growing character. She is a round character with many flaws.

TadI love Tad. He only wants what’s best for Payton. Sometimes he is annoying though; like he’s too perfect to do wrong. I wish we learned more about his background and how he became a Christian. Maybe it would help me connect to him more.

DakariDakari is still Dakari. He is so caught up in his own world. I wish he would leave Payton alone.

LynziPoor Lynzi. This girl is just having a troubled life right now. She is the character that shows what happens when you make bad choices in life. She’s stubborn and doesn’t want to listen to her friends’ good advice. She is so caught up with her boyfriend and she has low-self esteem. Lynzi is a good side character who shows how life isn’t perfect and what happens/ the conciendecnes that happen when you don’t love yourself

Again, sometimes when everyone would get in Payton’s good races at the same time and apologize or be nice, it seemed unrealistic. Not everyone is going to suddenly be so nice to her during the same time frame. Like geez, that’s not realistic at all.

Sober Faith picks up right where Staying Pure left off. I wish I got descriptions on how the characters look though. Moore barely gave any imagery descriptions.

Sometimes some scenes were unbelievable and exaggerated at times. A few of the events in this book seemed too dramatic and went overboard but they sent out good messages.

Lesson Learned? Accept that everyone is different and that you don’t have to be jealous or intimidated at the qualities someone else has that you don’t.


Book Cover: .1
Character Development/Plot: 2.8 out of 3
Interest: 1 out of 1
Imagery: .4 out of 1
Total: 4.3 stars


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