Busy, Busy, and Lazy! Also, 2015 Reading Challenge!

So spring break is over for me and it’s time to get back into the groove of studying, staying up late, getting up early, and basically having no life. Or reading time.

But as it is a new year…and people have probably already failed at their New Year resolutions, I decided to not have any this year. But what I am doing is a 2015 Reading Challenge.



There are 50 challenges to accomplish and so far I’ve accomplished 17.

I’ve been doing a horrible job blogging! But I’ve made a blogging schedule and hopefully that will help me be more consistent with blogging this year. I will try to post a review once a month and instead of a Teaser Tuesday every week, I will post only two a month. I discovered that I cannot read as much as I use to. Just reading at least one book a month will be a challenge AND a miracle for me.

I’ve missed blogging and hopefully I will be on here regularly. I hope you guys have been reading some exciting books!


Happy Reading,



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