Genres I accept:
Young Adult Fiction— contemporary, romance, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and Christian fiction

May also accept Literary, thriller/horror, and dystopian fiction if I’m interested.

Genres I do not accept:
Historical fiction

Review copies I accept:
-Print copies

How I review:
In all my reviews, there will be my rating of the book, my rating system, and my opinion on the question, “Was there a lesson learned?”

I created this blog to share my thoughts and opinions of books with other book lovers, so all of the reviews on here are from my own purchasing of the book. However, I will accept book review offers from authors and publishers (including self-published). If a book is from an author or publisher, I will state that in my review.

My reviews are my honest opinion, so I cannot guarantee a positive review. If I did not enjoy the book, I will write a polite, honest, and not-so-negative of a review as possible. I will only accept books that I am interested in.

When I accept a book, I will review it as soon as possible or close to the release date. If there is a certain date you would rather, I will try my best to reach that deadline. If the book you will like me to review is from a series, please give me time to read the series before accepting  the book for review. If a book was requested, I will post that in my review.

I will post book reviews on this blog and Goodreads.

If you would like for me to review a book, please fill out the form below.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything, you can contact me at checkmybooksblog@yahoo.com

 **These Reviews are my own and honest opinion. **



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