Obviously, this is a book blog! I wanted to be able to share and give my opinion on some of the different worlds and characters’ lives that I have visited in books. So I created this blog. Now, lets go into more depth of what this book blog is all about:

I love reading Young Adult fiction, romance, urban fantasy, mystery, and a little of the paranormal. So those are basically the genres I am going to be reviewing books from.. I aim for spoiler-free reviews, but if I do write a spoiler review, i will warn you! 🙂

At the end of my reviews, i breakdown the overall rating to small bits for that particular book; showing why I rated it the way I did. I rate books a bit weirdly: You usually give a book at least one star, so for my rating procedure, I start off with the book cover. I know, I know, you shouldnt “judge a book by its cover”, but you have to admit, some book covers are pretty nice. So, for my rating system i rate, the character development and plot together, if it keeps my interest (its either there or its not, you know?), imagery (was picturing the scenes and characters easy to follow?), and then theres the book cover.

final rating

 Feel free to browse around. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about my reviews and I don’t mind being introduced to new books so feel free to recommend some! 👍😊


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